Cultivating an Environment for Learning

Kindranger & Couragebeam are barely at the elementary level and I am concerned that we ruined their first few years of what ‘should have been’ be blissful living for the first few years.

We often wonder, will they get their spark back, is it gone?

When we (meaning I and then my husband agreed) that homeschooling was the best learning approach for our children, I quickly realized that in order for the formal (or unschooling for many others) education to begin, the primary component of the education will be what they see and experience in the home environment. We knew that when done properly it can and does influence our child’s academic success, but more importantly, it will influence their emotional and moral fortitude. True success stems from their ability when grown to shoulder their responsibilities efficiently and react when provoked (or not!) in a peaceful way.

Now you see my predicament. I say this because I am painfully aware that my reaction when I am being provoked to some family members is ‘ a bit’ argumentative. I asked myself:

how would they learn if as parents, they are taught to argue, including even when it’s about nonsense?

Thus began our painstaking process or weeding out our bad habits in order to become peacemakers, and purposefully create a peaceful home. It became my priority. This must be in place for our child to reach their full potential; academically  and emotionally, within our home school environment.

A teacher needs to create the right conditions for training.

Just as a gardener needs to cultivate, or loosen, the soil before sowing seeds, so a teacher needs to prepare,

or encourage, the heart of a learner before teaching him new skills.

– wt4/15

This is one way of nurturing a soft soil for a good heart so that they will became good men.

One way to do this is to actively work toward displaying peace as their parent(s). Teaching by example the appropriate way to resolve conflict, being willing teachers and true friends. This is all wrapped up in having the simple focus of parenting with a long term view in sight and raising emotionally intelligent children who are able to positively inter-act on a micro level as well as navigate the working world in a capable manner.

This is all apart of blowing the flames, re-igniting and maintaining the spark in Couragebeam & Kindranger that I was fearful we had snuffed out. Thank God, our children responds to nurturing and not just nature as embark on this quest to educate them wholeheartedly while living a simplified life. As they grow and learn through classical & living books, peace, resilience and other virtues, these traits will help them to be productive, a joy top be around, and help them find happiness and fulfillment throughout life.

Isn’t this the end goal of all parents?